Winter is coming.

There are a few things I am most concerned about when I move out and live on my own. First and foremost is definitely paying my bills and keeping those bills as low as possible. Being a broke college student is all fun and games until winter hits. I am moving to a place where it snows, rains, sleets and hails. The whole town might as well freeze over as soon as December hits.

I have to be straight up with you. I may have been born in Arkansas and maybe it should be ‘in my blood’ to have a higher internal temperature but under 75 degrees is chilly to me! Living in Southern California for more than half my life has mad me accustomed to pretty much beautiful weather year round. Arkansas actually HAS SEASONS!! I know I know, I need to prepare because, Winter is coming.

A winter

When I was a kid I used to stay at my grandparents house for winter breaks. My grandpa loves to keep the house at a cooling temperature of 65 degrees. Gma does not like the house at arctic temperatures so the compromise was this: heated blankets on every couch and bed in the house. I LOVED THEM. I was cozy no matter what room I was in. I figure a heated blanket is a solid investment for a lower bill at the beginning of each month.

Another simple solution is a space heater. I thought that this would be a good investment because my sister does not get cold like me and I like my room to be a nice and toasty 80 degrees.

A dog


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