Spring cleaning: like a boss

Maintaining your place is all about how you as a person clean. Personally, I like to spray 409 on everything, wipe it down and call it a day. Others may go more in-depth, but if you’re one of those people who spend hundreds of dollars, maybe you’ve come to the right place!

Seeing as I love animals I signed up for an app where people pay you to board their pups. We all know what that means… dog hair is literally everywhere. Hannah and I have a system at this point but we go through lint rollers like nobodies business.

Now another thing we go through like crazy is trash bags. With both of us working at food places with discounts.. we eat a lot of take-out food. Maintaining your place means taking out the trash six days out of the week? I think not!.

I also happen to be a major klutz so spilling drinks and food is my go-to accident. Carpet cleaner and floor cleaner was a must buy. As first timers living on our own, we’ve discovered a lot of things over time. Like our 20 dollar, Walmart vacuum was not going to cut it. Therefore we got a new one!

Another huge buy for us is candles and Scentsy wax cubes which i mentioned in Stinkin’ up the Place. Spending so much time in the living room and the kitchen of our apartment that’s where most of the mess is. Magic erasers, wood cleaner, and Windex, the most basic cleaning supplies have been so expensive at local stores. Also with working crazy shifts and going to school full time, neither of us want to walk up and down our three flights of stairs for no reason.

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  1. June 26, 2020

    […] I can’t sit on our couch without getting up covered in dog hair! I needed a couch cover and a lint roller ASAP. I also totally use the lint rollers to try and get any loose hair coming off my dog and he […]

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