College students night in: broke edition

College students need a break too

There is nothing in this world college students enjoy more than a night designated to relaxing. After moving 2,000 miles away from home and living on my own for a month. I’ve learned first hand just how hard it is to balance everything going on in my life. Work, school, and maintaining my mental stability has been quite the struggle. Every once in a while my sister and I will get a moment to breathe, so of course, when we get those moments we take it to the extreme. Normally this takes place Friday nights, my day off and Hannah’s least busy day. We stop by the store and get our favorite snack and bottle of wine, for just Hannah duh, and then head home.

Big ole’ wino

Our first unpacked item when we moved in was our wine glasses.. not saying we having priorities but… college students will be college students! When we bot our first bottle of wine and went to pour it into our beautiful crystal glasses! Only to figure out we didn’t have a wine opener. Realizing this we hopped on the computer and googled ways to open a wine bottle with no opener. Safe to say it was an unsuccessful wine night! We hopped on our computers and found a cute cheap little wine opener and while we were at it we got some more essentials for a girl’s night in. We ordered some face masks and bath bombs. Within the next day we were able to settle down on our couch, face masks on, wine in hand and bath bubblin’ in the bathroom. 

We’ve never been much for staying in and laying on the couch all day. When we finally do get the chance to take extra care of ourselves we jump at the opportunity. There is nothing more a college student need than a night off.

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  1. April 4, 2019

    […] finding what works for you and making sure it doesn’t cost 80 dollars. As mentioned before in college students night in, candles as well as wine are essential to self […]

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