Quarantine Life: How are you Handling?

At this point in time, quarantine life is something everyone should be suffering through. After twenty-one years I never thought the worse thing I’d go through would be a global pandemic… Now it is safe to say that my dog has loved every second of it. During quarantine, I have discovered many ways to entertain myself without having to leave the house. As the year pushes on and a new one starts were all running out of things that makes us feel sane! Here’s my question, how are you handling your time in quarantine and what new hobbies have you adopted?

2020 Quarantine Life

At the beginning of 2020 my sister and I were at a New Year’s party, a month later there were rumors of lockdown. Now here we are, one year down and still stuck inside! Around June of last year I was going stir crazy! I began seeing people setting up their homes for indoor rave for them and their family. I got some LED lights, festival decor and set up the party. Living with my roommates at the time quarantine wasn’t awful. That many girls in one house is enough social interaction for anyone. As time progressed we began to go stir crazy, looking for many ways to entertain that only continued to lead to boredom. We began to excel at any and all board games and were becoming borderline violent for wins.

Best set up ever

Four Months Later…

After a few months our online purchases were running rapid and we were all still working like dogs. When scrolling through many Pinterest boards in search of something to cure that level of boredom. I found light up corn hole, this gave us something to do outside that also kept the dogs occupied. Although they mainly just grabbed the bags and ran so we had to count fast. Next I was in search of something to entertain us inside, my sister being a huge fan of baking I thought we get some baking molds to have a baking competition. This turned into a full on four hour bake off which we decided to theme after that Netflix baking show. Another thing that kept us fully occupied was puzzles, coloring books and the most important, boxing gloves. Those allowed for some very fun steam release that everyone needed!

One Year Later…

The puzzle I purchased from amazon during the beginning of my quarantine life.
Lost one piece from this one…

2020 was one of the hardest years for anyone, how are you handling? We all need a check-in and time to process the economy around us. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun while you wait for the world to start spinning again! These few things kept a house full of girls entertained for months, I suggest that anyone with roommates takes the time to read this and make their friends participate with them. Check out my article on self care to get a little more in depth explanation of what I do to relax! The world is moving so fast around us at all times, some of us forget to slow down and enjoy every little thing it has to offer.

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