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Looking around at the bare walls of the place I now call home, all these crazy room decorations began to flood into my mind about the ways things could look. Crazy pictures on the wall, mountains of pillows and blankets (for forts of course), bookshelves, you name it I had thought of it. Now, of course, my ideas were shot down like a deer in an open field by my loving sister. We have pretty similar taste when it comes to most things and the way we wanted our home to look was not much different. It all actually came together pretty quickly and with way less money spent than expected.




Ever since I was a little kid I loved the aisle at Target that was filled with bracelet making kits and anything that lit up. Naturally, I bought a light up pegboard, it was something simple that Hannah and I got to set up together. Saturdays are for the girls amiright ladies! As goofy as it seems, Lava lamps are not only cool when you’re a 13-year-old girl, but also when you’re 18 and living in your first apartment. Along with the Lava lamp, placed perfectly to its left is a salt lamp. These things are sick! They can be extremely bright or just a dim light, it’s perfect for setting the mood and soft lighting is the best way to do that. Perfect for any room decor.

Sitting perfectly on our dining room table is a pair of candelabras now you may be wondering why would anyone need those? Well Duh! Candle lit dinners! It adds character to any dining room. Along with many other things, we really like fake plants. Can’t kill em’, don’t even have to look at em’! What more could you ask for? Hannah and I spent a total of two days unpacking all of our boxes and organizing things the way we saw fit. Finally, things really started to come together especially with all the touches of our own personalities mixed up and spread out.

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