I still wanna shop til’ I drop

When I was a little girl my parents allowed me one bathing suit per summer. My sister and I used them until they were tattered and then we got new ones the next year. As I got older my need for tons and tons of swimsuits only increased. Now I’m at a point in my life where I don’t have the means (moolah) to shop until I drop.

After binge watching a reality tv show on Hulu called Love Island (highly recommend) and seeing these beautiful British babes rockin’ new bikinis EVERY DAY, I was inspired. To give you some context, the show is filmed for about 60 days. These girls get 60 bikinis they can roll through and look fire in the whole time? Ultimate summer bikini goals.

A love island.gif

Unfortunately, as a young broke college student not on a popular international t.v show,  I have to think about my piggy bank. Solution? I found some really cute bikinis online with solid reviews and I’m so happy with the quality and fit of them.

I’ve been planning a trip to Hawaii and I really wanted to look stylish and with the trends in all my insta pics. So I needed something hip and affordable.  My first and favorite buy was a pink striped cheeky bikini that fits absolutely perfectly AND I could not believe the price. I also purchased a sunflower bikini that is sooo my style. The least expensive suit I purchased was a maroon rope tie bikini . I’ve never been so happy with such a dirt cheap purchase.

I’m in Hawaii now and so far all of my insta pics are GOLD. I love that I can buy four bathing suits for the price of one and my credit card isn’t crying.


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  1. June 17, 2020

    […] online shopping and spend money we don’t have. You can read more of this in my sister’s article that dives into that. Which was exactly what I did. My first stop was accessories and considering I […]

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