School supplies run my life

The best start to a school year is getting all the supplies you’ll need to be successful. Considering my parents would normally take me, I had to figure out a way to get my favorite things for a cheap price. High school was rather boring for me, most of my time was spent staring at my phone screen or sleeping in when I wasn’t supposed to be. I took a few college classes throughout my four years in school and I figure out quick fast and in a hurry how much you actually do need to pay attention. Struggling with the idea of having to write down everything the professor was saying or doing, while being attentive in class was a struggle for me, They don’t baby you and no ones telling you to put your phone away, so it is understandably harder to stay focused.

I’m definitely one of those people who will get excited about the upcoming school year, but only for all the new school supplies of course. I’ve always had a passion for writing so journals became my go to, any kind of cute Tumblr journal I could find I bought. Something to carry around and write down anything that comes to mind. Pencils, Pens, highlighters, anything that wrote smoothly I got googly eyes over. Everyone needs a sensible bag to carry all their junk around in and for the longest time I thought a bag with more pockets was a necessity. Now I understand that if I have a simple Jansport backpack, I have less room to shove things I don’t need. Planners are also a great buy if you have the mentality to write down everything you need to do, being as unorganized as I am it’s a learning process. With all that being said, get your school stuff now so you aren’t walking in on your first day with a piece of paper.



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